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After listening to the cast on voicemail setup, I began to reset my landline and work cell on a weekly basis with my name, position, company name, department and stating my whereabouts for that week.  If things are normal, I just say "..for the week of 7/25/11 I will be in the plant".  If I'm in training a couple days I let them know; If i have night coverage for a project I will leave that as well.  I let them know how to get ahold of me if it's urgent; else I say I will return the call within 24 hours. 

Now I work in a pretty blue-collar environment (think heavy industry)..and I've gotten some feedback that I "have the longest voicemail of all time, might want to change that" (not from my manager however but some colleagues).  The more professional folks in the plant leave their 'Name, Dept, Company and just say to call back'...however there are some voicemails that say "Please leave a message".

I'm pretty young; I hired out of college a few years ago and the culture is pretty blue-collar as I mentioned.  Any thoughts on my voicemail approach?  

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Hi Mahin,

I recommend tailoring your voice mail message to the listener who is least likely to know about your whereabouts. In other words, there are many team members in your plant, customers or suppliers that sort of know where you are since you interact with them on regularly. i think you want your message to be for those folks who wouldn't otherwise know and these callers will appreciate the level of detail.

those who get annoyed are likely the ones you see regularly, teach them how your phone system allows them to go straight to voice mail, skipping the message.