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I am the operations manager for a small-mid sized company (@200 employees year round, more seasonally).  I manage production, logistics, and maintenance.  I have 8 DR's and have been doing O3's for several months.

My directs each manage 3 - 4 people, mostly team leads and supervisors.  A couple of these folks (my DR's directs) also supervise supervisors.  Finally, there are a total of about 130 people on the "front lines".

I am doing training with my directs in how to lead team meetings and do O3's with their directs.  My question is this:  how far down into the organization should we go with O3's?  I believe relationship building is important at all levels, but is it an efficient use of time for a supervisor to do a weekly O3 with each individual, entry level employee? 

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In short, yes.

In longhand, see it from the supervisor/front line employee point of view. There are the same benefits available to the organisation from their relationship as there are from your relationship with their boss' boss