Dear all,


Recently I happened to be in a somewhat odd situation. I am very well connected in my company (Consulting) and it is not unusual that my manager (I am an associate) asks me where to get this or that information/deck/contact.


Yesterday at lunch he asked me what I think about a guy from a different department who internally applied for our team. I actually don’t think to highly of him since he is extremely arrogant and brash.

My general rule is not to speak anything bad about other people at work.


How would you experts from the Forum here handle the situation?


Thank you and kind regards from Munich, Germany!

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Can you look past the arrogant and brash behavior to see something of value?  Ich denke Sie kennen.




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Listen to what your boss has to say. Make sure you understand what information he is looking for by asking questions to clarify the request. Then tell your boss what behaviors you have experienced firsthand. When I talked with him on this topic this is the response I got and how it was delivered. Or, when interacting with him, this is what I saw. When I needed this from him this is what he delivered, and it was good.
If you don’t have first hand experiences with the person, tell your boss that you don’t have enough information to make a judgment. If your boss presses you let him know you don’t feel comfortable giving answers without first hand experience with this guy’s behavior.


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Thank you for the input!

Actually, I think he is a good person. However, I don't no anything about how he delivers firsthand (but heared mixed things).

All I know is the behaviour I got to experience firsthand and that I would probably not hire him...

I'll probably stick with you here RC and see how it turns out.

Michael, how do you know German?

Einen schoenen Tag / Have a great day!



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I think that's a interesting situation. 

In a situation like this, I would give the feedback as I saw it, I would bring out the person's positive/negative sides and say how I believe that would fit into the team. an example could be:

I think Peter is a very detail oriented and is great at delivering quality, however he sometimes comes across as arrogant and brash to others.
At the moment I think the type of person that we need in the team is someone with XYZ skills. 

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