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BLUF: I want to allow my admin access for my email. Basically- the ability to read, answer on my behalf, and decide 'next actions'. Anyone have tips... what to avoid, what 'rules' (i.e. confidentiality) to talk about, what worked/what didn't?

(I have listened to the podcast, just hoping to get some additional tips).

  • If she answers on my behalf, what is the system for me to catch up later in the day?
  • I am a director and I get some emails that she may not be privy to seeing... how to handle that? Set up rules in Outlook?
  • What about actionable items... she puts tasks in Outlook with original email?
  • What do I tell my team? "She is handling my emails- if it's confidential, let's talk."
  • Any other situations you've experienced and how you handleD?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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M&M have already done a cast on this, if you haven't listed to it already then it's worth a listen:




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I listened to the podcast when it came out... I'll give it another once over.