I'm at an company where managers all have couches in their offices. When you meet with them, they sit in high backed comfy chairs, you sit on the couch.

I know how to sit at a table, but on a couch, find myself sitting either on the edge, with my elbows on my knees as if I were sitting on a bench in a dugout, or if I sit back, I feel as if I'm too reclined. Sitting in the middle ans trying to sit up straight feels unnatural and awkward.

So, question is, what's the most professional posture when sitting on a couch?


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There should be a cast for this.... 8 steps to effective posture  :)


I would suggest looking at a talk show and how the guests sit at the couch. Find someone who looks comfortable, alert and professional, and then emulate their posture.

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Late in the afternoon, with someone only one level up, you can sit back, with your posterior all the way against the couch.

Otherwise, up on the edge.

If you get told to relax. respond based on your demeanor generally.  If you're a laid back person, sit back as mentioned above.  If you're a little bit more energetic in general, stay up on that edge.