BLUF: How do I best help one of my team to have a great interview?

On Friday one of my directs let me know that they have an interview for a great role in another team in my company.  The role is a significant promotion into a fast growing area of the organization and I'm very excited that my direct got shortlisted for interview.

This person has been a star performer for me and I have often shared this opinion with my peers during staff reviews.  One of these peers is carrying out the interviews and is the decision maker. I am not involved in the interviews or the decision making process.

The problem is that the interview is on Tue 22 Feb, my direct is very nervous, does not have a lot of experience in the role being interviewed for, and does not have a lot of interviewing experience.

The company I work for uses the STAR interviewing method.  I have shared this with my direct and advised that the best way to prepare is to spend the weekend talking out loud about their 3 biggest successes and challenges in the STAR format. I'm hoping that doing this will take out some of the fear of the interview and have a set of examples that are fresh in my directs mind.

I don't want to go back into work next week and drown this person with advice which would probably make things worse.

Based on the above I'd be really grateful for advice on one thing I could share with this person to help them have a great interview.



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I don't think there is ONE thing. There are  a lot things. There probably isn't enough time to buy and listen to the whole Interviewing Series from Manager Tools. I'll recommend a shorter audio book instead, the Public Speaker's Guide to Acing Your Interview. You can Google it and buy it for I think less than $10, and listen to it over the weekend.

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Just wanted to say that it sounds like you are a great manager who encourages directs to grow. 

Not sure how long your relationship has been with your direct but is it possible that a bigger part of the nervousness has to deal with change? Coming from an environment that your direct is very successful  with into an unknown environment.

I think you already gave good advice in terms of allowing your direct to focus on his stellar performance in your team and how that would translate to the new environment. More than advice, it sounds like further encouragement is needed.

I may advice your direct to learn more about the new team's environment.

hope this helps



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The best resource for your direct is our interview series.

And unfortunately, we can't recommend the public speakers guide - I've bought and both read and listened to it, and there's lots of wrong recommendations in it.


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 All - Thanks for your comments.

I've spoken with my direct over the weekend and the STAR practice has really helped calm them down.  My direct also took confidence from reminding themselves about the great work they have done to get to this point.

I am going to purchase the interviewing series as when this happens again (and it will, I've got a great team who are making a name for themselves) I want to be better prepared to help them take that next step.

Thanks again and I'll update this post when I have more information.

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One thing you might be able to do prior to your directs interview is to do a run through.  A mock interview may help them be a little less nervous and would let you give them some feedback to help refine their delivery.  A podcast that relates is the two part "Favorite Candidate Interview Preparation". Hope that helps - Sam


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As was said, there are many things.

Do you know anything about the other manager interviewing your direct? If you only know their DISC, that could be massively helpful! :)


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My direct did not get the job but received positive feedback from the interview.

My boss has now got involved in looking for opportunities for the individual as he agrees with my assessment that this person has a lot of potential in other areas.

Thanks for all the help. It didn't happen this time but input from you all is helping the career of one of my directs.