I was recently promoted and have rolled out one-on-ones with my new directs (former peers).  We just finished our second week of meetings.  I have not roled out feedback or coaching yet.

We have a tough situation in that we have a cubicle environment and a lack of available conference rooms.

One of my directs has asked that we meet at her cubicle instead of mine.  For practical reasons I think it's a good idea.  Her area of the floor is generally quieter and her cubicle is slightly larger.

However, this direct is not "on board" with me as her manager yet (she's older, more tenured, and in charge of a program that I only have limited exposure to so far).  At least a small part (and I suspect a larger part) of her desire to meet at her cube is so she is not seen in the "guest" chair at my cubicle. 

Any advice?  I'm wondering whether to engage the suspected power dynamic, or whether to just ignore it in the short term unless/until a measurable consequence arises that needs to be addressed explicitly.

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My best guess, if it makes sense to go to her cube then do so. I would hold off on the whole power trip thing until you actually witness some behavior's that you can provide proper feedback on. Now I'm not saying jump on the first thing you witness either, depending on the severity I'd even let the fist one go and just note it. You might find it's all a non-issue after doing some 03s and focusing on building a relationship....