Hi all,

Recently got sent a link by HBS to the ManageMentor Essentials Package - a set of 4 CD-Roms for $160.

It looks interesting to me, although it's probably nothing that isn't covered off in a Manager Tools podcast somewhere - just wondering if anyone has made use of the package, and what your thoughts are if you have?




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Hi Adam,

I am with the Government of Canada and we make use of an online version of Harvard Manage Mentor.

Its a great product similar to MT in that it focuses on the how of management. I have used it successfully in areas ranging from my home purchase negotiations to learning to delegate.

Both of these are great products (teachable, actionable activities for proacticing managers).

Good luck,


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Hi Adam,

I think Manage Mentor might be a good tool for pre-managers or recently promoted managers. For anyone with time in the role and knee-deep in the job it is a waste.

My company bought a number of licenses and charged me with promoting its usage. I checked out the product and the topics. While the topics were certainly relevant, the information was too cumbersome. I still have a printout from one topic I kept meaning to get to and never did. However, I seem to quickly implement and pass on what I learn from Manager-Tools.

There is more value in the information and advice found through Manager-Tools than what you company may invest in licenses. A better usage might be to host a private Effective Manager conference at you company if possible.

I am not professioanlly affilitated with Manager-Tools. I am just a big convert and fan.