Any recommendations for handling a direct that plans on confronting the CEO directly on his company policies. The specific issue is process and constraints that are put on us for spending money. We have no budgets and all procurement (greater than $100) must get approved by the CEO directly. The most cost effective approach is always taken including purchasing equipment on ebay (even if it is older models), flights with multiple layovers, etc. 




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i would encourage the direct to vent (I assume thats what he plans on doing) to you as his manager.   The direct may just feel like he isn't listened to - and if you provide that outlet it could settle the direct down.  And you can explain how the policies are there for good reasons - and based on information that the direct doesn't have.


If that doesn't work - I guess you can't stop people from doing what they are going to do. Though it has been my experience that ignoring the chain  of command and 'confronting' the CEO is a career limiting / ending move.


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I would discourage the direct from doing so and ask that he or she discuss with you.  You use the term confronting, which would concern me.  "Confronting" the CEO is not usually a good idea.  I have had a similar situation where a direct wanted to "confront" a SRVP about a company policy, I persuaded them not to as I knew it would be the end of their career with the company. 

An exception might be if your company has a very open structure and has "town hall" type meetings where a direct could pose a question.  This would be the right non confrontational environment.  Even if this is the case, depending on the direct , you may want to coach them on how to diplomatically ask the question.  Otherwise it might be like a bull in the china shop.