I have been asked to take on an increased middle management role within my organization.  This will end up changing where my pay is allocated from and will result in a decrease in my pay by around $20K/year.  Part of the reason for this is to bring my compensation into line with other managers within a similar role.

I want to increased management role but would rather not have to take such a substantial pay cut with the added responsibility.

I'd appreciate thoughts from the forums on this.



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Why would you even consider this unless your employment was at stake?  Do they scope out the market and pay the managers above you according to the lowest paid executives they can find?

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Thanks for the feedback Asterisk.  It seems a bit crazy to me as well and I have suggested several compromises with my employer in order to hopefully reach an agreement on the issue.

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+ Responsability

- Money

For me it also seems a bit crazy.

It is true that, in my experience, increased responsibility not always meant a salary increase but absolutely never a salary decrease.

I would definitely negotiate with my employer before accepting the new role.