Hi - This may have already been covered, so perhaps someone can direct me. 

About 3 months ago I started the O3s with my team leaders, and now have asked them to start with their directs.  They started OK, but for two teams the supervisor and directs sit beside each other. What they are finding is that they cover off alot of the relationship building already during the week because of their seating proximity, and a scheduled meeting seems a little artificial to them.  They tell me they give lots of feedback and delegation throughout the week and don't need a special meeting for this.

I think I should get them to focus on the coaching aspect.  The reality is though that these are not positions where staff advance particularly quickly (e.g. accounting department).   I also want to make sure that they are giving ALL the feedback, especially the adjusting feedback.

Any other suggestions?

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Do they know the names of all their DR children, spouse, pets etc?  That's the test.  I thought I knew "it all" about my DR until I realized I didn't know the names of her grown-up step children.  These are important people in her life & one is even expecting a baby - yet I didn't know the name.  I thought because we are a very small office & have coffee together, I had a relationship.

Turns out, formalizing the general visiting we do made a huge difference when I had to coach for poor behaviour.  She knew I had better understanding of her motivation, goals and home life challenges.  Also, had we not done the O3s, I would not have known about the challenges because it wasn't really fodder for coffee breaks.  In a private, O3 setting, the story came out & I could relate the poor behaviour to a home problem. 

Get them to commit to 3 months of O3s.  Then evaluate.