I work for a small but growing company. As someone who has worked for larger companies and had a wide variety functional experience my management has been incorporating more and more corporate functions under me. Examples include IT operations, security, and most recently training.

The person hired to handle training is relatively new (perhaps a month), and we've been doing one on ones since they joined. I've been providing positive feedback, doing my standard MBWA with this person and the rest of the team.

The trainer is fairly experienced and doing a good job. However, they have been very eager to get face time with my boss, the owner of the company. Lately, the trainer has been pushing for more and more of the owner's time, and thus far I haven't objected, though I have requested to see any presentations or other materials before they are presented to the owner (not sure if this is micro-managing).

Today during our O3 I requested that the trainer document the results of a survey and share it with me before it is presented to the owner next week. They didn't object nor did they seem particularly pleased about the request (no note taking of the action item, just a nod without verbal response, etc).

As we were wrapping up, the trainer stood, collected their belongings and started edging for the door. I found this extremely disrespectful but said nothing. Am I being sensitive here? Both regarding the behavior (standing up before our conversation was finished and heading for the door to my office) and the push for more face time with the owner?

I appreciate any feedback.

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You're entirely in your rights to see stuff before it goes to your boss, no question in my book.

As for the other stuff, it sounds like your directs behaviour isn't perfect (bit like the rest of us, then :-) but hey, does this really matter at this stage?

You're one month into your relationship, you're doing O3's (nice one!) and maybe started some +ve feedback, no? If so, you are probably a far better manager than your direct's had the privilege of working with before and he/she will need some time to adjust. Keep working on the relationship and don't sweat, sounds like you're on the right track.

Bet Mike could have said that in one line !