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So, I suddenly find myself stuck in a bit of a pickle.  My company (which I've been with only about 6 weeks, so I'm still in a rather tenuous position), is hiring, looking specifically for a Java + iPhone programmer.  So, I look to my network, specifically a friend who is a very excellent Java guy and happens to have a very wide network.  What I didn't know, until he forwarded me a resume for someone that would be perfect for the position, is that the company he runs has recently taken up recruiting/placement as part of their business.

I don't mind working with recruiters, but our CEO does. And our CEO is important in this picture as he's doing the hiring and we're only a 4 person company, and I'm the FNG.

Now, I've maintained very good contact with this guy, but the new business line only came into being a few weeks ago, so I really didn't have a clue.  I merely was looking for the standard "I'm sure you know someone who is looking for work that does what we need" friend to friend thing.

To go further, my boss managed to look the candidate up on Google and get his contact information.  I don't know yet what his intention here is, though I suspect that he intends to go around the recruiter here.  However, he might be willing to go through my friend, I'm still unsure at this point.

So, my desire to help (and look good of course), has now landed me in a situation where I might burn a good network friend, and has actually given me negative points at work.

Does anyone (especially recruiters, and super especially Mark and Mike) have any advice on what I can do?

- Steve

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Did you try to explain the situation to your friend? I don't see anything in your message that would make this difficult to discuss with him!


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First, the serious: Discuss it with both your boss and your friend. (I have to say I'm surprised your friend started forwarding you candidates without a signed agreement.) They should both understand what's happened and agree on how to proceed.

When I saw the post title "What do I do when my friend turns into a recruiter", I felt sorry for you and was going to suggest you tell your other friends that he's a bank manager instead.

Rick Measham

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Rick's right:  your "friend" should never have sent a resume without an agreement.  A professional recruiter would never do that.  Without an agreement in place, your boss knows that there's no obligation on your firm's part to work with the "recruiter."  

As with both responses above, you should talk to your friend.  And your boss.  Lay it out as it happened.  From what you've described, you've done nothing wrong, and if your friend holds that against you, that's unfortunate.

John Hack