i can see various form posts regarding an australian manager-tools conference, but after a while of getting talk about how its happening, it slowly dies off to nothing.


What do us guys in aus need to do to get you guys here?!!





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Yes, there has been lots of discussion about this and quite a bit of interest. My understanding from talking with Wendii is that the economics are just not there to justify the risk and cost of bringing the conference out here.

I don't want to put the "moz" on your interest and we need to keep letting the MT team know how much we'd like a conference here.

The big thing is to figure out a way to get it here and mitigate their risk - so if you have any ideas, please share!


-- Peter

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Interesting that this topic should come up now.

Frankly, I was NOT going to mention anything because of the possibility of disappointing folks again. In a weak moment I will share that we have been actively working on a plan to get out to Australia later this year. Although it is looking positive, it is NOT a done deal.

For now, you can assume that the conference would be in Sydney (and not because that's my daughter's name), although she thinks that's cool. Feel free to share any strong opinions on the location.

I'll let you know as we lock down the details.

Thanks for your patience!

Best Regards,

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Definitely a vote over here for Sydney... would love to see that happen! 

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Everyone that doesn't live in Sydney knows that Melbourne is the nicest city in Australia! We have the best cafes, the best art scene, the best things to do. The only thing we don't have is the harbour, the bridge and the opera house -- all of which can be seen at the same time and after which, there's not much else to do!

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 i'll second that melbourne vote!! however, wherever it is, i'll make sure i get there!!

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 Being from Perth, it matters very little to me whether it is held in Sydney or Melbourne.   That being said, I would fly myself to whichever city to attend.

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I'm in the same situation as AndreShannon .. Im in new Zealand, so I will make the flight to SYD / MEL.  Can't wait.

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I would assume Sydney or Melbourne would be the most central location. Perth is a 4-5hr flight and our New Zealand friends have a 3-4hr flight across the ditch, flights in from other major Australian cities would be less than Perth. Both Melbourne & Sydney offer fantastic business facilities and for those of us lucky enough to live in either city know it is a quick flight to the other.

Given I can walk to town from home, Sydney is my preference. To sell Sydney there needs to be mention of the beautiful Harbour, Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. Not to mention it shares it's name with a special young lady :)

A visual if you will - after getting over the thrill of having the M-T team in Australia, a fantastic conference follows. What would be a better conclusion than a relaxing glass of wine on the harbour, watching the sun disappear and the city light up... I actually did this last Sunday night with my 12yo niece (minus the wine) and it was beautiful as always.

Please let us know if we can be of any assistance, having hands on the ground could make things simpler.

Kind Regards,


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I would love to attend an Australian conference.  Melbourne or Sydney is good for me.

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Don't think of it as a business opportunity.  Think of it as a tax-deductible holiday in Australia ;)

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Just wondering if there was any further news? I would happily head over to Aussie (from NZ) alternatively we have some great venues in NZ!!!!!!

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Mark and Mike have recently responded to the same question on a premium content subscribers phone-conference/webcast.

If you are a premium subscriber, you can access it at

At present there are no specific plans to bring a conference here - it's not because they don't want to - they do - but it's more a question of opportunity cost and economics. i.e. 2 days+ flying time, uncertainty of numbers etc.

Not the answer you wanted I'm sure, but stay tuned!

-- Peter

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So it is happening - Sydney in November/December! Awesome - great decision guys!!! See you there!

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We're thrilled that we're finally able to make this work ... see you there!


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Yep going to be a great couple of days. See you there!