Wow. Not something I would have read before, and I am a book nut. However, I already sense it is changing my thoughts and approach. I am new to the idea of and practice of management, but I do consider myself a knowledge worker.

Also, have gone back to and finished chapter 1 of Covey's Highly Effective People. I know that it is basic but as a famous basketball coach once said, 98% of bb games are won or loss based on layups. 


P.S. Has anyone else read books by Richard Templar? Rules of Work, etc?

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I think Covey's book was the first book I ever read (long ago....) that I can say made a real change in my life. It helped me realize that my issues in dealing with other people were not the result of other people being idiots. It was because I was being a jerk and needed to stop. Even if I haven't fully succeeded in that, at least I'm aware ;-)

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A book's greatness can only be discerned on re-reading.  

The Effective Executive is a truly great book.  Reading it again was like reading a new book; each page held wisdom missed the first time around. 

John Hack

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I've half read a few of Richard Templar's books.  On first reading they seemed full of what you should be doing but not how you should be going about it.  So useful as a checklist, but they require a lot of thought about how to action any changes.  Quite the opposite to Manager Tools where you get both advice on what you should be doing but also how you should go about doing it.



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It only cost $11 and change to put Effective Executive on my nook. :)

I have read it once, but I'd checked it out from the library.

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I purchased a Kindle Fire a few weeks ago and decided to read a book by Drucker as Mark has mentioned his name frequently in the podcasts. Effective Executive is now at the top of my recommended list for everyone. I wish I would have read it years ago.

What kept me from reading this in the past was the title. I didn't consider myself an executive, I only have three reports and have 3 levels of executives above me. I thought too much might not apply too me. Boy was I wrong.

Executive as used in this book means anyone who makes desisions that affect the results of an organization.

I started making changes to how I work before I was through half the first chapter and it is already paying dividends. I feel much more in control of my schedule and I am actually getting to the items on my important list. Many more items to action and practice from the rest of the book.

To sum up I will use the same word as KMTONE used to start this thread, WOW!