I started the team member role in September 2008 then started a temporary management position in April 2009 with a re-org and complete change this week. 

I have just dug out my CV for its monthly dust off and feel stuck with where to go.I am currently a 'team member' that has been given a long term temporary management position. I have retained ownership of my previous role to a certain degree but the need for change and improvement within the role now has a lower priority.

I started my first people manager role in April 2009 and started with 7 employees (all of which were a 4 hours drive away) which was quickly reduced to 6 due to a resource challenge. The role came with a lead in a particular area and I was given objectives to work on. I have achieved many of the objectives and now been told we are to re-org again this week / next week.

I'm very grateful that the re-org still requires me in a people manager role and with a completely new team of 10 or 11 people (now a 2 hour flight away) covering 3 roles in addition to my 'team member' role. I will now be leading on a new area with an additional project management type responsibility within weeks.

I feel my problem is communicating and selling the additional responsibilities and commitments I have already achieved/gained and hopefully the ones to come. Surely this 'rapid change' will be seen as a bounce from role to role over a very short time! My other concern is how to handle to 'demotion' that will come in time irrelevant of how well I perform if the business feels it needs to make a snap decision like has been done before.


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My suggestion would be to write it out as best you can in your "career management document"... When it comes time to revisit in 3 months, you should have a better perspective and can refine it then.

It doesn't have to be perfect today. (At least, you don't SAY you're actively looking for a new job!)


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In terms of what physically goes down on the document - break it as if you've gotten the promotion.  Your job duties have changed (for the positive) and you want to call attention to that in your resume.