Are there any upcoming podcasts about how to evaluate answers when you’re interviewing someone?


I feel a little lost when interviewing someone and would like to  learn some techniques on how to probe answers. I have a whole book of behavioral interview questions, but they don’t really tell you how to evaluate the answers and the discriminators between good/better/best type answers.


I’m a new manager and haven’t had that much experience interviewing people (4 so far) and I walk away feeling like I could have dug deeper and done better.





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Manager Tools has published a number of free podcasts (17 by my count) regarding interviewing, plus the 15 in the Interview Series.  The free podcasts include the Weakness Question and the Leadership Question, among others.  The Interview Series is a separate goldmine, at a very low cost.

Yes, these podcasts are aimed at the person being interviewed.  But this is GREAT material for the interviewer, as well.  Do this:  listen to the Leadership Question podcast (here: and ask yourself as a new manager if you now know how to evaluate the answer.  

Highly recommended for both sides of the table.  

John Hack

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John is right. After listening to the "Leadership Style" cast, one learns to evaluate what is _sought_ in a candidate. Perfect for interviewing.