Should I send two separate cover letters with each one focusing on a single position  or should I send one cover letter indicating my interest in either position?

I'm searching for employment in the ministry, and I have come across a church with two positions that I would like to apply for. The contact person is the same for both positions, and the two positions are very similar roles.

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Normally, I'd argue for two letters.  But in this case, since the organization is small, and the contact person is the same, you might consider the following in your single cover letter:

- Acknowledge BOTH openings.

- Explain - with examples - how you might be a great fit for either position.

- If you have a stronger case to make for one of the positions, lead with that one.

Close with something like:

" There may well be something in my background which makes it likely I'll have more of an impact for you in one or the other of the positions. I'd enjoy the chance to meet with you and learn more in detail about both positions."