I was a manager before i joined this site a couple of years ago and then utilized all of the MT skills I learned to go back to an individual contributor role.  I am now being considered for a VP of Sales role for my current company and can't wait.  While I love the IC role and what I do in my current role, this new oppty and the type of management that I will be doing is very exciting for me.  I used to managed a small business sales team that was solely dedicated to high activity, relatively high turnover and widgets and felt that I lacked the bulldog/hardnosed approach needed to manage that type of sales rep.  In my potential new role, it is much more strategically focused and the folks that I would be managing are much more experienced and "bigger picture" focused.

I plan on hitting the ground running by implementing more regimented O3's and will impart my learnings from MT to better coach my employees.  I am also excited about sharing my feedback skills with my mangement team as I plan to cover the management trinity during my interview as part of my "style."

I wanted to thank everyone for all that you have contributed to my success and I look to share more with you all in the future.  Thanks!



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Congratulations Yahtzee!  I'm looking forward to hearing how you do with your new staff.

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I got it!!

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"The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena..." T. Roosevelt

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Congratulations. And isn't it such a great difference to move up with an idea of how you want to manage your people effectively? Bravo and good luck to you in the transition!


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-- Peter

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