Did all the posts transfer from the old site's forums?


I have some excellent comments on a book named "Why Work Sucks" (I despise even typing that) in Google Reader.  I have been unable to find the posts on the new forum.

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I've had difficulty finding older content.

When you use the site search, the results are returned with two tabs.  One is "Content" the other is "Search Manager Tools".  I did find a thread on "Why Work Sucks" when I looked at "Search Manager Tools". 

Not sure if that's the one you're looking for, or if you had tried this already.  It wasn't immediately obvious to me the first couple times I searched, though.

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Your suggestion to use "Search Manager Tools" worked.  Thank you.

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Sorry for the difficulties on search. We're in the process of completely changing the defaults (and presentation) of search results. The changes will be a SIGNIFICANT improvement.

Without going into all the details, until the changes take place, using "Search Manager Tools" will almost ALWAYS produce better results.

Sorry again ... search right now is fundamentally broken. We're aware and working actively to improve it.

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