Ok, I posted this once and deleted it because, as Jack Nicholson said ....I'm not sure I can handle the truth.

I am have been working 3 jobs for about 8 months, and the supervisor before that was ineffective. Now I have to transition to being a director with 2 new, but highly qualified supervisors under me. So instead of having 16 directs I will have 2 with 14 skips I am DISC 6721. How am I going to screw this up? I am going to miss having 16 O3s, but love having the time to finish the projects.

Anyone out there done this? I can't find any podcasts on the topic of giving up multiple roles. Don't shoot me, I know you all would love to think about being underworked.


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I was in the middle of responding when you deleted it.  By the time I got done, it was all for naught!  (really, it's fine) :-)))

And...oh HO, you will not be under-worked.  It's not any easier to have less O3s when your directs are just learning them, and they're learning them in front of the folks you used to do them with.  Oh, no indeed.

So, here's the key.  Any time you have a discontinuity in responsibilities, it's a PERFECT time to get your calendar in realignment with your stated and unstated priorities, deliverables, and metrics.  REVIEW NOW.  Sit down by yourself, and think  about what you and your org owe to the bigger org, and how to get THAT done every week.  PUT IT ON YOUR CALENDAR with all those other meetings.  Extra credit: listen to the Jump Starting Internal Customer Relationships podcast, and reach out to those who rely on your org, and find out what they need.  [This allows you to buffer your directs, who will be plenty busy, I'd bet.)

Take back control of your calendar based on your priorities.  You may end up busier, but that doesn't matter.  You'll be effectiver. ;-)

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Like you don't have enough to do. Sorry you had to reply twice. There are just so many huge problems on these boards, I didn't really feel it was worthy of consideration at first.

I really appreciate your message. I just listened to the "jump start" podcast again, because I'm using it for the 2 new supervisors. I will certainly listen again with an ear toward my own progress. And I promise I will get my calendar together. My world is about to expand and I shouldn't have a doubt that the work will too.

I'm geared up for an "effectiver" career move. Thanks for the marching orders.


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Is that it's the things you don't think worthy, that eat you up, that you're desperate for comfort on, that are the things you should post, or pm, or email about.

I can't tell you how many times I've posted something trivial, and been surprised how many people said, that helped.

Never feel it's not worthy.


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Thank you for your encouragement. I will try not to second guess so much!