I need some assistance on an issue that I'm dealing with.  Any suggestions on how to address this situation?

We have two Managers in our group and we each have a set of people that report to us.  One of the reports of the other Manager has asked me for guidance on how to deal with a situation with their Manager.  The report sets up meetings with the Manager, meetings that the Manager accepts, and then does not show up to.  The reports is coming to me for guidance.  I don't want to let them down, I know something needs to be done about this, but what is the best way to handle?

Thanks for your input. 

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There are some missing pieces to this puzzle.  

Why would this person come to you?   And why do you need to do something about this?  

This isn't snark;  the relationships amongst you, your peer and this person are key to understanding what you do next.  Does this person have an agenda?  What is the purpose of the meeting?  

It is very dangerous to provide direction to a peer's direct.  

To assist without poking a hornet's nest, you could suggest the person listen to the Boss Relationships podcast:

John Hack