Hi there all of you reading this forum,

I am 27 years old working for a big american company in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.
Currently I am in charge of 28 IT Support Engineers and there are plans to grow in the near future.

I was happy to have a native US manager for two months, when I started to work on this project. I must say he showed me this site and since than I am listening to the Basics podcasts regularly.

I find the podcasts really great, allthough I must say sometimes I miss the opportunity to download the extra materials. But as they say, there is no free lunch :)

Anyway, I just wanted to put Bulgaria on the map, if there are no other users of course.

Wish you best of days and many smiles,

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Good to see you on the forums. Please join the conversations.


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Welcome, Nikola! I'm glad to see MT is even in Bulgaria.

I'm going to visit Sophia for a week in August! Do you have any tips or recommendations of anything absolutely NOT to miss?

--Brian Hanks