I am a professional individual contributor in human resources.  Been in position close to two years and with same company over six years.  I struggle with self-confidence and have a life goal to move my family to another country.

I will be attending a Seven Habits Workshop based on Stephen Covey's work.  I have read 7 Habits for Effectiveness three times (twice in English and once in Spanish).  I need some help with feedback or perspective of the following questions in order to best answer them for myself:

1. What are the most significant challenges I face in my work and life?

2. What is the most important thing I could do at work that would have lasting positive impact?

3. What is the most important thing that I could do in my personal life that would have lasting positive impact?

4. If time were not an obstacle, what is the one thing that I would do for myself?

5. Where would I like to become more effective (e.g., relationships, tasks, goals, etc.)?

While it is a workshop, I want to put some things into perspective and create goals for this year.  My annual evaluation is in 30 days.

I appreciate the feedback.

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Hi there,

Would you be able to clarify what assistance you are looking for?  Each question seems to be one that you need to ask yourself and that makes it difficult for us to provide you advice on how to answer.


All I can think of is that you need to be honest in your answers, because if you aren't you would only be lying to yourself.

You might find listing out the skills and knowledge you need to do your job useful for question 4 and 5.




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Your search for self-awareness reminded of a book I found very useful when I went from corporate to consulting life.

"In Transition - From the Harvard Business School Club of New York's Career Management Seminar" by Mary L. Burton (available on Amazon).

It outlines a comprehensive plan that helps you figure out what you really want/ought to be doing, and how to "market" yourself. It would make a great complement to the Interview casts, as it provides a framework for looking at your career as a whole.


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That you are asking the questions is super  as so many don't even realize they have these choices. The catch is that the answers are very individual and it is YOUR answer that will count for you -- this is what makes humanity so interesting....Best wishes!

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In the end, the class served as a reminder to write down plans and maintain my organization methods.  I did it over three years ago and have stayed on track and been successful.  I thought the class would provide a great nugget of wisdom but it reminded me that my own planning will dictate my success.