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Which sales oriented books have you found to be the most action-based and helpful? If you're like me, you enjoy Manager Tools because it gives specific, behavior-based steps you can take to become better at a given topic/task. Which materials specifically focused on sales have you found to come close to the level of quality found here at Manager Tools?

I've recently transitioned careers from Operations to Financial Services and will need as much good, useful sales advice as possible and knew that I could count on the quality community here at the forums.

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 Precision Selling, Joseph Laipple, Ph.D.

“The fundamentals of Precision Selling include how to plan precise behaviors for sales activity and how to actually do those things on a consistent and constant basis”


Brilliant, brief, actionable.


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Anything Jeffrey Gitomer.

Even if you are not in sales, reading his books are fantastic as they help you move through life. Where I am today is because of the influence in his books.

And as a Sales Manager I want to get all of my team on his programs, if they did 1/4 of what he recommends in his books they would be superstars.

Start with the newly revised Sales Bible.

Jorrian Gelink

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I like SPIN Selling by John Rackham.  LOTS of data.


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Excellent suggestions, all. Thank you!

I've ordered all three (I picked Gitomer's "Sales Answers" - but will do the "Sales Bible" next) from Amazon and will report on how well they work out for me.

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I second Marks comment re:SPIN Selling.

You can sell anything if you learn how to listen for the "Need", the "N" in SPIN.