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I'm Cameron, and I didn't catch your name...

I am a (recovering) engineer who has been in quasi-management roles for the last 3 years. I earned a promotion last month helping me drop the quasi, and turning those org chart dotted lines solid.

I have been an MT-head (maybe there's a more flattering nickname for us enthusiasts?) for about a year now. I definitely "drank the Kool Aid." My knowledge of current events and popular music has seriously suffered as all I want to listen to are MT casts when I'm in the car. Even though I wasn't in the manager role, I found the 'casts incredibly helpful for my career development.

I'm into my third round of O3's with my 5 reports this week. Wow! I've worked with these guys directly for about 2 years, and known them for 7 years. I've learned more about them and what we can accomplish in our few O3s than I had in the previous 7 years. I am incredibly excited to see what we'll accomplish in the 40 or so more O3s we'll have by the end of 2009.

To Mike and Mark- I hope you read this, and I hope you have some idea of the positive effect you are playing in my career, and consequently my company. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am sure thousands, if not tens of thousands share that sentiment.

The fact that you offer all of these invaluable podcasts for free is incredibly noble. I'm sure many call you crazy for not charging a hefty fee. While I know you don't do this for the money, I am confident you will be fiscally rewarded as much as you have been spiritually for your body of work here. Again thank you! I've become a premium member of both Manager Tools and Career Tools -worth every penny.

Finally- Time fo' talk story Hawaii.

How about holding a future Effective Manager conference in Honolulu? Airfare and hotel are currently low, and what better, centrally-located place for all your Pacific Rim MT heads to meet? I plan on attending a conference where ever it is held by the end of 2009. If you held one here, I would beg our management to send as many fellow employees as possible too.

Speaking of Hawaii- I've had the pleasure to meet and work with Ed Texeiera shortly after 9/11 when I was working on security project. He worked for the Oahu Civil Defense Council at the time (he may still be with that agency).

It's 78 F and windy, 20-30' faces on the North Shore, I have tickets to the Sony Open this Sunday, and to the Pro Bowl in a couple weeks. And a great job in Hawaii to boot.

Mahalo and A hui hou,

PS- Any other MT members in Hawaii- I would love to hear from you.

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Welcome to the forums, Cameron.

Here in New Jersey, it's sunny and 11 degrees F, so try not to be too envious of us!

Hope to see you in the conversations here.

John Hack

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Aloha John,

As tempting as New Jersey sounds, I think I'll just stick around the Mid Pacific for now!

Aloha, Cameron

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I am living in the frigid Midwest, but have the (mis)fortune to work with people living in Hawaii on a daily basis. Why misfortune? Imagine having to hear or read "So how's the weather over there? It's 78 degree here, and I was at the Sony Open last week." And all the while, I was sitting in my office looking at the piles of snow outside the window. ;-)

Anyway... Welcome! Hopefully you would succeed in getting an MT conference there. I'll schedule my next trip to co-incide. Folks - All the hotels are giving out the third night free these days. So there has never been a better time to go to Hawaii.

Warm aloha.

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Thanks for the welcome. I feel for you- I'm flying back from Denver today, where it is 80 degrees colder than Oahu! I can't take the cold anymore.

Hawaii is a fantastic deal right now for those of you can make it out. The hotels are cheap and the beaches are empty.


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Howz'it Brah?
I have been an "MT Head" for more than two years. Living in Ewa Beach & commuting to town everyday on our wonderful bus system (saves me 30 minutes a day over driving) gives me lots of quality time with Mark & Mike. The tools are solid and I use them all! I have referred many of my directs and peers to Manager-Tools. An MT conference in Honolulu would be fantastic for all us Pac Rim people.
It is nice to hear from others in Hawaii who have the same addiction :-)
With warm aloha - a hui ho - Shawn

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Welcome to the podcast and the forums. Great to have you here.

And Miliani? First home (townhouse) I ever bought was in Miliani (off of Kaloapau). Very fond memories indeed ... I can smell the pineapple burning as I type.

All the best ... and again, welcome!

Best Regards,

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Great idea about a Hawaii trip.  I am Hawaii bound before the end of the year.  Makiki here I come!