I'm new to MT and just working through the backlog of casts. Thanks for these.

I am the owner and MD (CEO) of a software development company in the UK and I have nine people working in the organisation. I have one real DR (the Software Manager) and the rest of the team are developers or testers i.e. his team.

I want to start O3s but have a dilemma (you have no doubt heard it before), do I set up the O3s with everyone as though they were all my DRs or should I only do an O3 with my main man?

I think I prefer the idea of doing it with all of them in order to keep contact and build the relationship and trust throughout whilst we are still small. Perhaps when I have more directs (perhaps sales, marketing, finance etc.) I can then hand over?

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You do O3s with your one direct and monthly skip meetings with your direct's directs.

They are his people, not yours. By doing O3s, you are shorting his ability to manage his own people.

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What Tom said...

And when you grow, you'll have plenty of DR's yourself...

Here's the podcast on skip levels:


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Agreed. You get one O3. But you own the company. You can make your direct do everything the manager tools way. You are THE BOSS in capital letters in your company.

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Thanks for all the above. Very useful.

I fully take the point that I get one O3 and he gets eight, obvious really I guess. I will take a listen at the cast and see if it answers some of my spin off questions. If it doesn't, as someone famous once said; "I'll be back"


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Listen to the casts on rolling out the trinity. Several of us have had unfortunate results when we tried to shove the entire MT practice into our management all in the course of a week.