There is a skill shortage in Australia / Brisbane specifically at the moment. It is really hard to find someone who can speak English so others can understand them, and who has a high degree of professionalism. On paper every one seems to have umpteen degrees, masters qualifications etc.

I have found someone who on paper looks good. Yes she speaks coherent English, but her mannerisms/speech equates to Eliza Doolittle.

What do you think - do you think I can improve that aspect of her, or should I just keep looking.

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Does she recognize her shortcomings and want to be changed?

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probably not - maybe I am just feeling desperate at the moment...

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Ask yourself carefully - is this something that you personally object to or do you also think that it would cause disruption with the work? If her mannerisms would prevent her from being effective, then there isn't much of a decision to be made, is there? On the other hand, if this is just that you're uncomfortable, then the choice is pretty obvious too.