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BLUF -- Should I keep calling / sending emails?

Here's the situation...
A month ago I sent my resume in for a posted position. Since then I have left 2 follow up voicemails for the hiring manager - the first, 2 weeks after I submitted my resume; the second, 2 weeks after that which was this past Monday.
This morning I received a voicemail from the hiring manager's assistant: Thank you for applying... thank you for calling... we're still receiving resumes... we haven't begun to review them and won't be starting interviews for several more weeks... we'll get in touch with you when we're ready.

Reading between the lines, I think the message was stop calling. So, what do I do?


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I think the message was:

They're still reviewing resumes, and they'll do so for a few more weeks.

Call the admin, thank her for letting you know that status of things, and then follow up again in two weeks.

Let them know you care. Maybe they didn't get excited by your resume, and it will be your diligence that puts you into the quarterfinals...


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The admin might not appreciate you calling repeatedly and might even complain about it - but the boss might hear her complain and think, "Wow! Relentless! I love it!" Often boss opinions are at loggerheads with their reports' opinions about individual behaviors that are effective.

Person on the line: "That guy is mean."

Boss opinion: "That guy is brilliant."

However, at the four week mark, I wouldn't hold out a lot of hope. Focus on many prospects simultaneously so that you aren't desperate for one to respond.