How do I get my directs to relax, trust me and try to change everything?

My directs are reluctant to offer any suggestions to anything I ask. I have only been here a month and they do not know if they can trust me yet. I have a tendency to instill loyalty in my directs to the point that one quit after I left.

DR response to everything is 'You're the boss". I can see from the culture that if you stick your neck out it ends up on the chopping block. THe organization is very dysfunctional (but aren't most) and the motto is whatever. I really want to change the attitude here starting with my department (IT).
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Relax and lower your expectations. You aren't going to change the culture in a month.

Be honest and consistent. Do what you say. Respect them and never give them any reason to think you're trying to cut their head off.

If you do have to let someone go, be sure the reasons aren't kept secret. Most people can recognize fairness and if you're consistent here too, it will help build the trust level.

O3s today if you haven't already.

The trust will come.


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Are you already doing one-on-ones, feedback, and coaching?

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[quote="KS180"]How do I get my directs to relax, trust me and try to change everything?[/quote]

Provide positive feedback and start one-on-ones--right away. MT provides a sample message you can edit and then share with your team to help you get started.

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Takes time. They will need to see how you react to bad news, tough assignments, poor performance, etc.

Ideally, they'll use their observations to form their opinions about you.


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Sounds like you are already an experienced manager, but you may want to pull out the March 23 2008 podcast on "the First Rule for New Managers".

I listened to most of it this morning, and it speaks to many of the issues you brought up.

Good luck!

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Add to the above mentioned links the latest podcast series on how to implement the Trinity.

The many references Mark made to the implementation at the Newark conference really helped me. I have listened to the podcasts since the beginning, but started everything over again once I had gotten a better grasp of how to sequence the implementation.

Your current situation will benefit from implementing the Trinity and following the new manager guidelines.

Be patient. The process is slow and disciplined. Keep us posted on your progress.

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I have started the O3's the second week and it is kind of funny the way they look at me to see if I am for real.

Part of my job is to protect them from upper management and hopefully when the time comes they will watch my back. Distrust is rampant where I work and I have been told by a dozen people in the first month to watch my back and trust no one.

I told my crew that I can't change the corporate culture --- just the one in IT!