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Submitted by RichRuh on


I'd like to organize a dinner the night before the Effective Communications conference in San Antonio. This will give us an opportunity to meet each other before the conference starts.

Monday, September 8, 7:00 p.m. at the Ibiza Patio Restaurant (inside the Hilton).

It's fine if you're not there exactly at 7:00 p.m.

Please RSVP by leaving a reply here in this forum by 4:00 p.m. MDT on Friday, September 5. I'll contact the hotel and warn them about the large group.

Although there are a lot of good (read: probably better) restaurants outside the hotel, holding it at the hotel will allow Mike and Mark to stop by for a few minutes and say hello. If they have to leave the hotel, they're not going to have time to do that.


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Hey Rich --

I'll be there! Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces.


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I will plan on being there also.

Great idea.


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I arrive in SA just after 5:00pm, so I will be there. Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces. Anyone coming that was at the very first Managment conference in DC?

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Hey Roy,

Rich, Steve and I were all at the first conference. I can't wait to catch up with everyone. My flight gets in at 3, so I may do a little sightseeing first if I have time.


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Count me in! I'll be the guy without a forum picture. :)

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Count me in for dinner. I arrive at 5pm so I should be settled in by 7pm for dinner. I'm looking forward to reconnecting with the old faces from the 1st conference and meeting new people too.

BTW, Does anybody have any idea what a cab from the airport will set me back? Is there a better option from the airport?

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Thanks for setting up dinner.

Unfortunately, my flight arrives later in the evening and I will be unable to join for dinner.

I might try and stop by later on in the evening.



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I plan on being there. Thanks for setting this up.

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Only 8 people responded, but I told the restaurant "at least 12", and mentioned that we were associated with the Manager Tools conference. The reservation is under the name "Rich" if you get there before me.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone!


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I would like to join you all for dinner -- I will check in with you there and hopefully there are still seats available