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I was wondering if anyone that will be attending the SF conference would like to meet up for drinks/dinner on Monday night? I will be in the lobby bar around 6PM PDT with a rum and coke in hand. I'll have my blackberry - email me at [email protected] or call me at 404.210.3464.

A link to the hotel site:

See you there,


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The SF conference is going great!! Just got done with the first day and I'm still high. Being in a room with 100 other managers who want to be better managers is exciting.

We finished the morning intros activity faster than any other conference which gave us more time to practice feedback. The group is asking a ton of great questions and Mark, Mike, Michael, and Matt are answering all the questions and curve ball being thrown at them.

Thanks guys. I hope Mark still has his voice for Day 2.

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I'm more than impressed with how today went. I came with a bit of trepidation about how this would go - it's always difficult no matter how high of an "I" one might be to walk into a room with 100 people you don't know along with two people you only know by voice.

I'm already a better manager because of the face-to-face interaction with Mike, Mark, Mike and Matt along with all of the other managers I've met today. I'd say 60% of what I heard today I had heard in the casts, but the other 40% of what I learned today makes the conference so worthwhile. It's really invaluable listening to other real managers explain their real problems - and getting real advice along with some great role-playing that demonstrates how to handle real situations. Great stuff.

It's great to be surrounded by so many enthusiastic, succesful people!

Looking forward to day two,

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Thanks to Mark, Mike, Michael, Matt, Kate and Maggie for such a great conference! Thanks to everyone in the room for their energy, questions, focus and support during the practice sessions!

I've mentioned plate tectonics vs volcanos to several people - what a great illustration of the real way to create change. I have two peers here who want to learn about MT. I've started making adjustments to my one-on-ones. I bet I'll be doing my DISC profile soon.


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I was absolutely [b]delighted [/b]with the conference! I haven't felt so energized about my job in years! Sorry, I don't mean to gush but...

I went back to work Thursday morning, and of course my manager wanted an update. We talked for over an hour about some of the ideas and concepts. I also spoke with her manager about the conference and shared my greatest take-aways... that took another 20 minutes.

As promised from Michael, I found a soft copy of the slideset in my email inbox Thursday morning. Thanks very much! Friday night before going home, I checked my email inbox and found a short email from Matt... Geez! Follow-up too!

You folks have put together a program that will truly impact the Customer Support team at WebEx/Cisco or wherever I go. Thanks SO much!