Heya all, first time poster, long time reader.

I am the senior manager in my local office. I run my staff and there are two other managers in the local office. One is more junior and one equal to me in the org chart.

Our VP (my boss) runs our department out of NYC, so as the senior person in our office he looks to me many times to get communication around to the other groups. Recently the junior manger (mentioned above) has given her resignation to move to another company. That is fine, however, in the conversation with my boss about this resignation, he stated he wants to promote a person from her staff and then hire someone to oversee all three groups in the office. That is fine, he has been talking about that for some time.

My question is, how do I put my hat in the ring for that position? Honestly, I think I could oversee both other groups and my own just fine. How would you guys approach your boss in a situation like this?


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Welcome to the forums nborders.

If I understand your situation correctly, your boss may hire someone to run all the groups in that office and you would report to the person in that new position. You, however, would like the opportunity to apply for that position, which would be a promotion for you. Did I get that right?

If so, have you discussed this move with your manager? Have you had any discussions about your next step prior to this other manager resigning? It sounds like you should start by talking it through with your manager. Let your manager know you are interested and ask if it is something he thinks you are ready for.

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Heya Dave, Thanks for the reply. you have it correct.

However, there are a few things. First, it sounds like we won't report to this person. Similar to a Project Manager, we may keep this new position informed on our status. In return this person would provide feedback and guidance to make sure we're all working strategically toward common goals.

Sounds wishy-washy to me. Maybe it is my VP trying to make me feel comfortable with the idea by saying I'll still report to him When in all actuality the new position would have me report to them. However, that doesn't sound like him. He usually keeps honest and straightforward.

Anyway, that is more my venting and not anything I can control. Lets start over....

I have not really have had any conversations with him about my goals and desires with my job other than to learn as much as I can. I had been promoted into this position over a year ago. To me, that was the most appropriate goal at the time. My fear is, because I have not had this conversation with him just yet, he may think I'm trying to jump ahead too soon.

That said, I'm scheduled for my annual review with him next month. Possibly I can bring it up with him then--we don't have regular 1on1s.

Again, I really fear hitting a wall that will cause problems down the road. Last thing I want to hear is "I appreciate your desire, but...".


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[quote="nborders"]I really fear hitting a wall that will cause problems down the road. Last thing I want to hear is "I appreciate your desire, but..."[/quote]

...but what?

I was in a similar situation a few years ago. Long story short, I was told that I was considered, but wasn't right. And I was told why. It was a great learning experience (if tough to swallow). And when I was next in a situation similar, the result was much better.


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[quote="nborders"]Again, I really fear hitting a wall that will cause problems down the road. Last thing I want to hear is "I appreciate your desire, but...". [/quote] it's better to wonder what they think, rather than to konw? I don't think so!

nborders - glad to have you posting. Hope it will help you.

I think you're absolutely right to focus on your upcoming appraisal. Prep like crazy for it:

And make sure the meeting happens.

This is a much better circumstance for you than having to talk to your boss about advancing to a particular position - it's a much broader discussion about how your boss thinks you can bring more value to your company.


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Always ask for what you want!

Let me restate that in a bit more mild terms.

[size=18][u][b]ALWAYS ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT!!!![/b][/u][/size]

Go and get yours! The worst that can happen is that they say no. If you pile all the no's you hear in life up together you can use them as a ladder to get to the yes that you want....deep huh? LOL