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I'll cross post the details since we started this on another thread...

Los Angeles (South Bay) Meetup
May 22, 6p
Red Car Brewery in Torrance, CA

The Red Car is at 1266 Sartori Ave, Torrance. If you are on the 405, take the Western exit and go south. Right on Torrance Blvd, left on Sartori and its about a half block down - the first restaurant on the left.

From 110, go west on Carson Ave, take a right on Cabrillo Ave, left on Sartori Ave.

310-782-0222 is the Brewery's number if you need more direction.

See you at 6p. It isn't usually that crowded during the week, but if we end up having more than 4 or 5, I'll call ahead

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Thanks for moving this, you read my mind.

Do you know how many people we are having so far for our meet-up?

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I think its just you, me, and bradleymewes at this point...


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Just want to confirm with you guys. See you around 6:00

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See you there!