After listening to the podcast on the dinner meeting, I had a couple of questions and would be interested in the response from others.

1) My company's expense policy is that the most senior person must expense the meal. What is the best way for me to host a visiting executive following the guidelines in the podcast and not have the bill come at the end of the meal? It doesn't seem acceptable for me to ask the exec to give his credit card number to the restaurant (that I have chosen) before the meal.

2) What should be done with a meal item which is incorrectly prepared? In the podcast, it was suggested to just accept any mistakes that come with your meal, but what if the chicken was raw or some other type or preparation error? Is it acceptable to politely send back food?

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Does the visiting exec approve your expense report? That rule exists to prevent a boss from approving an expense filed by a direct which benefits the boss. Perhaps you could still expense it if the exec isn't in the approval stream.

You can also prepay as per the podcast: give the restaurant your CC# and a generous tip amount ahead of time.

It is incredibly unusual for food to be completely bad at a good restaurant. Don't worry about it. Trust your judgement.


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Not sending something back is about not appearing fickle. There's nothing fickle about rejecting raw chicken.