Has anyone read "Eat That Frog" from Brian Tracy or any of his other "21" series?

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"Eat That Frog" was OK. Not a lot of variety of time management techniques and he wasn't specific enough for me.

I recommend "Do It Tomorrow" by Mark Fosters

He has technique called "Current Iniative" which is similar to the Frog. Take a project and do something on it first thing everyday. Before you check email!!

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I read it. Kind of repeated "rah rah, just do it" over and over again. I guess it is good for a quick motivational shot in the arm. It wore off quick though.

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I agree with Tool - and that's sort of how everything is with Tracy - I enjoy him a lot, but it wears off pretty quick.

Here's a good book I found about a year ago:

[i]The Now Habit [/i]by Neil Fiore

It faded a little bit toward the end, but the first half of the book was great.


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I love how books and people say, do this first thing, like reading email etc; but if you work in a multinational, chances are first thing you're talking with another office.

Short of getting in earlier (and who wants to do that), it won't happen.