What about O's with clerical personnel?

I have 9 DR; one of which is clerical. I had my first O's and she said she is happy doing what she is doing and doesn't want to advance. She does her work well and there are never any complaints.

She has little interface with most employees since she spends her time scanning documents. Basically, she does her job very well.


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Sounds like you might do this one less frequently than every week (in the past, I've had some folks who weren't direct reports, but important to me in the matrixed organization. I did biweekly and in a few cases monthly O3's with them).

But don't go from weekly to "never." Set something up in the calendar at an agreed interval. Do it for a while, and adjust if necessary/desired.

You never want anyone feeling left out and making up some reason why ("he doesn't meet with me as frequently because I'm only clerical...").

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Do it weekly. If you only talk for 15 minutes, that's fine.


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I have a direct that does everything I can think of for her to do. I suppose she could be classified as clerical.

I meet with her every week for an O3. She appreciates the time with the boss. I appreciate keeping my pulse on her work (she brings a detailed list every time) and her level of job satisfaction.

It's an easy meeting, and I know I'm doing what I can to keep an excellent employee.

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I have a scheduled O3 with my Admin Assistant weekly too. Since she supports me directly, we do daily stand ups, so our O3 tends to be shorter (along the lines of 15 minutes). The scheduled time is great for me to get feedback from her on my performance, as well as schedule some coaching time. I'd keep doing them.


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I have weekly O3s with my admin and other clerical staff (temps).

I find a lot of value in maintaining my relationship with them. I also use the time to let them know about our department's goals, upcoming projects, my own schedule (e.g., travel plans, or times when I may need additional support).

It's easy for motivation or self-esteem to suffer when people perform mainly repetitive tasks. Therefore, I also use O3s to convey how important their work is.

For example, last week, I had a temp type up a list of emergency child care services, which I sent to our adult students. The next week, in our O3, I told him that one student had been able to attend a class she would have missed because he had prepared that list. He was truly happy about his contribution, even though it was "only" typing. Similarly, with data-entry temps, I let them know about decisions that resulted from analysing the data they entered.

Finally, doing 03s with everyone means that no one feels singled out and no one feels left out. I think that makes for a better team all around.

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I really debated this one since the DR didn't seem to appreciate the first meeting. Then I had the second meeting.

What a difference. She was going a mile a minute and I learned some things. Got her updated on what was happening and I swear she walked out taller than when she came in.

Not so lucky on the rest. See my next posting on "Help. DR don't seem interested."

Thank you for the advice. Sometimes you just have to stick in there.