As a new promoted manager, from assistant manager, for a retail entertainment organization (still in my first year as manager), Manager Tools has been a amazing resource in my ongoing effort to move from an organizer to a leader.

While so much of theory is excellent, I appreciate the simple actionable advice aswell. Unfortunately, being retail I have to do a little imagining to adapt much of the application advice - but so far it has been well worth the effort.

That is why to start I wanted to say how amazing I found the Feedback Model. It is the first thing I have been able to fully apply. Feedback is exactly the tool I have been looking for to make those small corrections that help really drive my teams performance.

I have a few concerns adapting one-on-ones to my enviroment as Manager Tools have described them. I have a found a few posts with the same concerns but not percise enough answers for my questions (or mabye I just didnt like the answers :D ). Any advice would be appreicated.

I have 11 Directs. Scheduling 11, 30 min meetings weekly cannot happen do to the volitility of schduling needs and the budgeting of hours. Moving them to bi-weekly helps but the importance of making them regular makes me doubt that option as completely viable (I would miss meeting or have to skip some starting with PTers which would send a message of these arent important or that some employees are more important than others). I would like to have biweekly O3s with my FT employees and monthly ones with my PTers. I find even now knowing the value in O3s that I take 5 minutes when I can with various employees for an unoffical YOU segment.

Will this model be suffiecent to have effective O3s in my enviroment?

Any other advice/experience/insight applying O3, or other Manager Tool concepts to a retail enviroment?


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I have 20 directs in retail management, I have them scheduled every week for O3's that we try are best to stick to, if not I make sure I hit them for at least 10 minutes to find out what they need from me.

Part timers I have working at least 8 hours on weekends which gets me )3 time, if we can't do it due to time again I meet them for at least 10 minutes and ask what they need from me on the fly.

I'm also under lockdown if I'm having an O3 with someone in the office, the only way I get pulled out is if it is critical emergency (my O3's are one step below critical emergency :p)

Hope that helps!