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Hey All,

I am Mark Thomas, VP Gulf Coast Operations for Radiance Technologies, Inc.
Radiance is a defense contractor based in Huntsville,AL. that specializes in High End Technical Government Support Services and low rate and prototype production of high end technical products. I am 35 yo with a BS in Math, MS in Math both from Auburn and an MBA from the University of South Alabama. I have been working in the Defense Industry since 1998 and spent some co-op time in college working as a consultant in the electric utility industry.

I can go into tons of detail if anyone is interested, but here are a few high points that let you know how I got where I am. Radiance was founded in 1999 by 4 guys (George, John, Paul and Scott). Paul is gone, John is on his way out gracefully retiring. Radiance has enjoyed wonderful growth and has grown to a $60M company in just 8 years. I started the Mobile office for Radiance in 2002 and subsequently grew it into an $8M per year operation (now called Gulf Coast Operations or GCO) for Radiance with 35 employees. This year we should produce approximately $10M in GCO and get to around 50 employees.

Our overall company growth has slowed and even plateaued a little. We are working hard to transition out of the entrepreneurial phase of corporate growth, which is meaning new policies, processes and a new way of looking at how we do business. Its a great challenge that keeps going everyday.

Let me say that Mark and Mike have really helped me with some basic things now that my group has grown so large. I have part of my directors now doing O3s and so am I. We have also started doing some other basic things that are starting to make a difference. I am new to manager tools (been listening about a month or so) and have lots of catching up to do, but let me give a big THANK YOU to re energizing me. I feel like my enthusiasm is going to spread and this is going to be a great year. I look forward to posting (already have some questions).

Anyway, anything else you would like to know, just ask!

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Welcome aboard Mark. Congratulations on the terrific growth. I'm sure you've worked hard to make it happen. I look forward to your thoughts and point of view.

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Welcome, and please do join in the forum conversations.

Great to hear from someone else whose enthusiasm for management was rekindled by M-T.


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Welcome aboard Mark.

[quote="mark_thomas"]Radiance was founded in 1999 by 4 guys (George, John, Paul and Scott).[/quote]
For a second there, I thought the fourth guy's name was going to be Pete (or Ringo). A company started by a George, John and Paul... very cool indeed.

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Welcome to the forum, Mark, and you sound like you have a very interesting background with Radiance. I look forward to your insights in the forum.


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WOW! That's an awesome success story, fantastic job!!!

Welcome to Manager Tools and we'll be looking forward to the insights you may have for us!