I have seen the sample resume from this site and think that it is very effective. How do you show a promotion within the same company? Should it be a separate line or does it need to just be built into the same section under that specific company?


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Wow, links to really bad resume examples, light on content and heavy on white space. Thanks!

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I went with separate sections for each job [url=]on my current resume[/url]. The exception was one point where, although my job title changed and I moved from one team to another, there was no substantive change in my role.


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I think Mark says not to meld them together if they are promotions.

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66: Tool's right - Mark has said they should be separate.

Do each one as separate (with it's own duties and accomplishments), and see what you've got. If you're listing roles that you were in for relatively short stints (like, less than 6 months), or doing this makes your resume way too long - then your circumstances might make you need to do some collapsing.

But if you're laying out your resume in such a way that it obscures your advancement at an employer, you're just doing yourself a disservice.


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I don't know what they charge for this service. Not sure how to value resume accomplishments like "· Developed an on-going future business plan and secured $40 million in both institutional and strategic financing during difficult economic conditions."

an on-going future business plan? What the heck?

secured $40 Million in both institutional and strategic financing during difficult economic conditions?

First, I hope all financing is strategic. Second, the first two bullets talk about how brilliant the company is doing/has done so where is the economic downturn?

I will stick with Wendii & MT :wink:


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[quote="asteriskrntt1"]an on-going future business plan? What the heck? [/quote]

Well, I guess a future plan is better than none at all (or one for the past) and an ongoing future would mean that at least time has not come to an end yet.

It sounds like they are planning for time not to end in the future...

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I am the Alpha and the Omega!

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I am the Alpha and the Omega![/quote]

I am..... [size=24]LUMBURG!!!![/size]

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Let's say I've a job as an entry level programming associate (job title 1), move up into team manager for programmers (job title 2), and then marketing director (job title 3), but the last job title isn't in the same area in the same company. It has its own skill set used and responsibilities are vastly different.

  1. Does someone only list the last job title held under the same company?

  2. How would they list both the programming associate position and the marketing director, if they were going for a high-level programmer director position, on a resume?

  3. If they wanted a programming job again, do they leave out the marketing director position? What happens to that gap in time?