Hi everyone,

Here is a little something about myself. But first things first, or BLUF as I should say from now on:

Mike and Mark, your casts are truly great! It’s sometimes so simple that I’m amazed that it’s not common practice amongst managers. I guess that’s the reason for the casts in the first place. I’m learning a lot, thank you.

My name is Olivier, I live in Switzerland, near a Lausanne. According to the Disc I’m a “Creative” (7-1-1-6). I was quite surprised at how accurate it is. It’s just that I wouldn’t have used this word to describe myself.

I studied electronics and then did my basic army training (it’s compulsory in Switzerland) Afterwards, I decided to train as an officer and worked one year as an instructor.

Back to “civilian life” I worked as an after-sales technician for a manufacturer of medical equipments. I stayed there 2 years before moving to the next challenge, leading a team.

I have been working for the last 2 and half years for a small company importing and exporting coffee machines as technical support coordinator. I’m responsible for a team of 4 people. They’ve been my “guinea pigs” for the stuff I’ve learned. One actually did tell me how he liked some of the improvements (that probably qualifies as an Affirming Feedback). O3’s are such a great tool.

I’m now considering moving up again and lead a department but I don’t know if I’m qualified enough. Actually, I’m sure I can do it and am ready to work my ass off to succeed. I just don’t know if a company will give me a chance,

Kind regards,


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Welcome, and we look forward to seeing you here on the forums!


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Welcome, we're glad to have you here.

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Welcome, Olivier. It's great to see so many international members discovering Manager Tools these days!

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Welcome Olivier. I'm sure your opportunity to lead a department will come. In the meantime, keep doing what you're doing. Improve your skills, focus on performance. Top performing people are always in demand!

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I'll add my appreciation for the international flavor. :)


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Thanks for the warm welcome.

Just got the interviewing series and working on sifting the odds in my favour.

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Welcome to Manager Tools!!!!

And don't worry, you'll be qualified for moving up very soon if you stick to listening to Manager Tools ;).