Hi all,
It would be great to get some feedback on this topic. I am starting a new job with an amazing company in an amazing field for which I wanted to get in for some time now.

There is a clause on my employment contract which seems to be fairly standard - a 90 day trial period. I guess it is there for a reason and to protect both the company and the new employee should either of us want "out."

To you managers out there, what do you look for in the new hire during the 90 day trial period? Is there anything that I should be particularly looking out for?

Any and all comments will be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance!


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This has been one of the most popular questions ever asked on the boards. I know, I asked it myself. Please feel free to use the search button with the keywords of "the first 90 days" or "new manager" and you should get a bunch of these questions answered.

That said, the biggest takeaway message that I got from everybody here was to FIT IN.

Be gracious, sociable and amenable. Take everything in and watch out for the impulse to "prove yourself" right away. Learn about your staff, peers, boss and social culture.

I look for fit before, during and after the hire. Skills can be taught, fit cannot.

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Great!! Thanks for your answer!! It makes perfect sense!