When Mark was at our first Chicago meetup, he mentioned there was a tool going to be made available for picking interview questions specific to each position.

Is there any timeline for that to be made available? Have I just missed it and it's already online?

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I don't believe it's online yet. Mark told us about it at San Antonio too. It sure sounds great.

I'm secretly hoping it's the carrot on my next annual subscription payment. I guess my secret's out now. :)

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It was mentioned at the inaugural conference as well.

I know that M&M are pretty persnickety when it comes to offering something for sale. IIRC, the interview series was withheld because they weren't happy with the audio quality on one of the casts and wanted to redo it before launch.

I suspect that when the tool launches, it will be top-notch!

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There is such a tool, and it is not ready because we are too busy with all kinds of other cool things.

We're not sure how we're going to make it available, but it's likely going to be part of premium content.

But if it doesn't come out this year, it's because I died...if that helps.

Imagine - 15 bucks a month for a product we sell to orgs for $400,000.



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Mark - I've been listening to your casts and loving them. Back in June you said this tool would be rolling out shortly to the premium members in the "How To Create A Simple Behavioral Interview Question" cast. Does "shortly" have a date yet? :wink: I've got two positions to hire in the next few weeks so my need is now.