I travel a lot and was looking for a way to capture O3 input/output. I use MindManager from Mindjet for a lot of activities and find the tool very flexible. I tried a layout that allows me to record ideas and key takeaways to prepare for and record the O3.

You can see how it looks at

I then added the retention and performance tracking as well as this seemed like a good place to add this key information.

Has anybody come up with another way of keeping O3 notes when on the road?

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is it crazy to think you could just keep a manilla envelope for each person you have your 1on1 with? I am picturing you sitting in your 1on1 just typing away, I prefer to just jot notes down on paper, and if you keep each person in their own folder, you dont have to turn your notes into electronic to take with you.

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I take notes on paper. I take the last few weeks of notes with me if I travel. Light and durable.


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Couple of ideas:

After each 1on1 take the form and type the data into a file for each person.

After each 1on1 take the form and write them into OneNote if you have a Tablet PC.

After each 1on1 take the form and scan it into your computer using a desktop scanner and save each file into a folder for each person.

I have tried to some part of these but have ended up just creating a binder for each person with the paper form in there from each 1on1.

I am usually on the road at least 1 week a month and do those 1on1s with folks via the phone. If I need to access something, I just make a note of it to cover in the next in-person 1on1.

I do plan to try out the Livescribe pen solution once it is out (


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All very useful replies. The reason I ended up this way is a travel as close to 100% of the time as you can get. I had 11 reports in 5 countries and only physically met 8 of them. Don't have a permanent desk and spend 3 - 6 months on a client site. Lugging that amount of paper around is a lot of extra weight in a suitcase. If I'm face to face I use one of the free hotel pads (A6) size to make notes and then enter them in for reference. Otherwise it's by phone and straight in as once you're back at the desk the usual distractions kick in.

The key here is what ever works for you to help you facilitate the sessions and effectively use the output.

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A good question. I travel as much as you do, and often struggle with the weight and bulk of paper.

Two caveats: I have completed a 5 country, 23 day trip with nothing but a briefcase and one overhead-storable roll-aboard suitcase.

And, I have recently changed from my laptop case from Hartmann, which had 1 million air miles on it, BACK to my favorite attache, their CEO case. I can do this because I now own an exquisitely slim MacBook Air. Sorry. ;-)

That said, I've always carried paper, and it works fine.

One of my secrets is using the ScanSnap scanner - small footprint, on the desk, goes RIGHT to searchable pdfs... and organizing them is easy. Mike has one too and loves his also.

But always still, on paper during the one on one.


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I got my company to get me a Scan Snap late last year - it's brilliant.

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I keep all of my notes in pendeflex folders hanging in my file cabinet. If I travel for any period of time, I just pull the last O3 page from each of the 10 files and stick them into one manila folder with some blank forms in it and do them over the phone.

BTW, I recommend using a file folder instead of a three ring binder.

* The folder has the old notes facing on the left and the blank forms on the right
* No three hole punch is necessary
* Slim formfactor takes little space - very portable
* Allows for reorganization simply by undoing the clip and shuffling
* You can stick a slim stack of post-it notes inside
* Dropping new items into their "file" is easy. I drop in copies of annual reviews, objectives for the year, kudos emails from customers

I see some of my peers using the binders and they have 3 cubic feet of space dedicated to these huge books laying around and fuss with three hole punches. If they are out of town, they complain they don't have their stuff with them.

My system gives me great visibility into last week's follow-up items while taking notes without turning pages and is easier to take on the road.

Pendeflex folders, folks, with a couple of binding clips holding everything together. It works very well.