I'm a long-time fan of the MT podcasts, but I haven't posted much on the forums. I own and manage a fitness franchise with 6 part-time employees, and I have learned so much useful information from MT. Thank you, Mark, Mike, and all the forum posters!

I'm in the process of selling my franchise and am trying to update my resume. Prior to being a small-business owner, I was a computer programmer for 7 years. I'm now thinking of taking my 4 years of business and management experience and moving back into the tech industry, to be a technical manager. However, I'm having trouble getting my resume together (admittedly, I've spent far more time doing O3s and managing my employees and business than I have done managing my own career). I feel overwhelmed and unfocused - am trying to brainstorm all the duties I had as an owner/manager, but I keep getting stuck and wanting to simply type "I did EVERYTHING! From unblocking toilets to increasing revenue!"

Since I want a management position, I'm trying to focus more on the management side of my job, but I also feel the business parts are important. How do I blend it all? How do I quantify what I accomplished as a personnel manager - talk about employee retention, how my employees tell me I'm the best boss ever? Do I discuss how they improved, thus showing how I helped them by good management? Or is the P&L statement the bigger measure of what kind of manager I was?

These are a lot of questions, and I feel they're somewhat silly. They indicate my confusion and lack of focus, though. Business management and people management are 2 very different things, and it turns out I'm better at the people stuff. I'm hoping one (or more) of you can say, "Look at it this way..." and help me figure out the next step.

Thank you, and happy holidays!

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First, have you listened to the cast on resumes?

Second, if you listed everything you have accomplished in your most recent job, how long would your resume be?


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Hi Mark,

Yes, I've listened to the podcast, but I will again as a refresher.

So far, I've got about a page of bullet points from being a business owner. I'm just brainstorming everything right now. I'll definitely whittle it down once I get out of the brainstorming phase.

Thank you for your response,