A post a couple weeks back stated that plans were in the works for a conference in either SE Asia or Australia.

Could someone confirm or deny?



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Count me in for that one :D

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I heard Mark mentioning Sydney, November 2008.


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I seem to remember some chatter about a MT in Australia too... as well as a hopeful request by some of us in Hong Kong :)

If it's in Australia, I'd still try to go - I think it's great that they are making an effort to come to this corner of the globe~

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Yes, Sydney, November 2008 is definitely the plan at this time. It was announced in the year in review podcast back in August:

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Yes. Sydney, November 08.

You Aussies better make us right! ;-)


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And.....with g/f up in Tea Gardens, NSW...hmmmm, and not bad airfares that month from places I would jet from....hmmmm. :idea:

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Maybe we can use this thread to keep a running conversation about the Sydney conference. This way we'll have an idea of who will be there and won't miss the announcement. I'm pulling for the Four Points at Darling Harbour as a venue. Perhaps a pre-conference bite to eat in one of the private rooms at the Meat & Wine Co.?

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[color=darkblue]It would be great for a NOV Sydney conference, :D and I would gather many collegues to the venue.

Regards Geoff[/color]

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Is this still going ahead?

I'd love to be there.

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... anyone? Has this died?