ARe many of you using audiable for your book reading. After I listen and relisten to the manager-tools podcasts I turn to audiable to get my book reads in (they are missing some drucker books)

But I recently switched to audiable air which wirelessly downloads the book to my Motoroloa Q. Its pretty neat, although somewhat ahead of the technology curve.

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I use audible, my boss pays for it. This is a great service, you hear about a book from someone that you should read, find it on there, and next thing you know its on your ipod

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I have a continuing subscription to audible, and its one of my best (and cheapest) investments in myself. I keep half a dozen books on my Ipod, and have a dozen more in my online library. When I'm on the road, I'm no longer stuck wasting my time listening to the radio, I can catch up on my "reading". Only drawback is the relative quality of some of the presentations...I'm listening to Be-Know-Do right now, and the narration is enough to make you zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.