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As a younger person still learning the basics of how to dress as a manager, I was unaware there is correct and incorrect way to tuck in a dress shirt. I found this helpful and thought I'd pass it on:


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Awesome link! I'm saving that for my son - he's wearing his dress uniform (AFJROTC) for the first time tomorrow.

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Very nice. I wish I had enough room to make a pleat... :wink:

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Old fella routine for shirt tucking in...
Breathe in. Tuck in any old way. Breathe out. All nice and taut.

Chris :wink:

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Mike and I took this one for granted.

And we like gig lines!


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Pretty much what I was taught back in Basic Training, but there was an additional step of reaching in through your open zipper (I am not making this up, I swear!) and pulling the front pieces of your shirt flat to eliminate any bunching.

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Another one: Tuck your t-shirt in under your underwear, reaching in under your underwear pulling the t-shirt through atleast in the front.
Odd? Yep, and it does make your t-shirt stay in place all day. Your t-shirt will do what it is meant to do without sagging (correct word? Please excuse a foreigner).

A variant that I don't recommend is to do the same thing with your shirt. Yes it will make your shirt stay in place and being stretched all day, but… A friend of mine did exactly this until I pointed out that sometimes you could see his underwear sticking out above the pants... :-) Hilarious! He was not so amused...

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I have a relatively slim build which causes regular dress shirts to be very baggy around my mid-section. Even with a good tuck, the shirts look too baggy. Several years ago, I discovered "slim-fit" dress shirts. These look much better on me than "regular" dress shirts. My favorites are from Brooks Brothers.

Another option that I have recent begun to explore is made to measure shirts. They are not that much more expensive and look great because they are made according to my measurements. As an added bonus, you can pick the collar that looks best on your neck.

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cb_bob - That sounds like a lot of work. Have you considered cheeseburgers? They're fast fun and easy. Your "slim build" problem could be rectified very quickly. :wink:

exxazz - I think showing your underwear 6 inches above your pants is all the rage for the kids these days. So your buddy was just a trend-setter.

(On a complete tangent, I've read some articles about how the police force love the fashion. Punks that try to run away have their pants fall down all the time. Seems to slow 'em down.)

pmoriarty - every time I try to straighten my shirt from inside my zipper it doesn't pull straight. I always end up wonky. Maybe I just need to practice that more. (Yes, that was a serious response after a bunch of j/k)

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Why don't all pants have those little holes in the pockets like Tuxedo Pants? Those are the best way to straiten the front of a shirt.

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[quote]Why don't all pants have those little holes in the pockets like Tuxedo Pants?[/quote]

Well. Who knew.

Just another secret the boys are keeping from the girls!


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another way to make it easier is to use your belt and wrap it around from the front and the buckle ending up behind you.

limits the amount of bunching when you eventually have to lift up your pants.


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Something I'll mention but recommend against - shirt garters. I used them in the Navy when I was in a situation where I'd catch a lot of grief for an untucked shirt, but I don't like them. They don't always stay put and they may be visible by creating unnatural creases in your pants.

If you're not familar with them, they are four elastic straps with a clip on each end. They attach along your leg, between your socks and shirt tail, tightened to gently pull on both. Your socks stay tight and your shirt stays in.

Why mention them? In case someone runs across them and is curious. I've been asked a few times in the past.


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Thanks, Brian. My boy seems to have a little issue with breathing and his shirt getting sloppy - I was thinking about gifting him with a set of those! I don't suppose you have any better ideas on how to keep that 'neat' look without them?

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You know... you take 4 months off the forums to deal with a series of personal issues and you come back to find a discussion on kids wearing underwear that rides up above their pants.

Man I've missed this place...

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LOL! Welcome back!

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thank you for sharing this link with us.

I did not know this way of tucking in shirts. It makes a difference in the way I wear my shirts and makes me look more professional.


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[quote="juliahdoyle"]Thanks, Brian. My boy seems to have a little issue with breathing and his shirt getting sloppy - I was thinking about gifting him with a set of those! I don't suppose you have any better ideas on how to keep that 'neat' look without them?[/quote]

Sorry, I missed this before.

My other suggestion is to look for shirts that are cut longer. This way, if they start to come untucked, they will only look a little sloppy without being all the way untucked. And, being longer, it is a little harder for the shirt to move. I don't know where to find them, but you might try asking a store clerk about them.

Additionally, I've tried made it a habit to be aware each time I stand up. Ultimately, this may be the most effective.