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I am reading through [i]Doing What Matters[/i]

This book reinforces themes you will also find in The Effective Executive. I also find parallels with the decisions Kilts made in his career to how I can make changes in the non-profit sector.

However, one concept I struggle with is: "Say what you're going to do, only after you have done it."


I have read through the first third of the book thus far. The section on when to take action is helpful. Each chapter has a summary of key point a the end. The chapter on "Enthusiasm Matters" seemed (to me) uneven and wandered off-topic quite a bit.

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Having finished the book and learned about the "Circle of Doom" and Kilts' solution:
- set realistic expectations
- aggressively reduce costs and control future expenditures
- focus on maintaining or growing market share in core segments
- manage price gaps in a disciplined fashion
- reinvest savings in additional marketing
- upgrade analytics

Have others in this forum been a part of or experienced similar turn-arounds as Gillette?

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I read it last month. As I was reading, I kept drwaing parallels to Jack Welch's "Winning". That said, I didn't like the book as much as "Winning". It had something to do with Kilts' personality. He kind of came across as a little bit of a braggard. Don't get me wrong, Welch is anything but shy about his accomplishments, but he seemed to frame it as more like suggestions and "here is what I did, right or wrong and this was the results" Kilts seemed to be prescribing more than recommending. Other than that, a decent book.