[color=green][size=18]Wednesday, September 19th[/size][/color]
(moved from Thursday to Wednesday due to space restrictions)

6:30pm. [color=red]We will start on time. [/color]

2333 Waukegan Rd
Bannockburn, IL 60015
Suite 300

1 light south of Half Day Road (Route 22) and Waukegan (Route 43).
Turn East into complex. First building on right.

From Interstate: Get off of I-94, and go East on Half Day Road. 1/2 mile to Waukegan Rd. Turn right. Follow directions above.

6:30 Welcome
6:45 Introductions
7:00 Practice - Feedback
7:30 Management Q&A Roundtable (bring problems, others discuss possible solutions)
8:00 Formalizing MT Chicago Meet-ups
8:20 WWWTTLA (What Went Well, Things to Look At)

If you have questions, get lost, etc., feel free to call my cell - 630.660.1006.

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Hey folks --

I had to change to Wednesday -- I just found out I couldn't get the room for Thursday.

Again, the date is Wednesday, September 19th.

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Still works for me. Thanks for taking the bull by the horns! :D

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Reminder -- Meet up tomorrow.

Who would be up for pizza if I order some?

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...although I'm starting to wonder if there are only going to be 2 of us there. :?

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in fact if there aren't some more responses I'm going to seriously reconsider driving that far.

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Chicago is about a 2 days drive from me, so I obviously won't be attending.

I'll just point out that Steve Holden and I had a great lunch together at a "Manager Tools Meet-Up" last summer. You don't need a big crowd for it to be valuable.


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Good point, Rich.

If things hadn't just gotten totally nuts here at work I would probably still go... but seeing as how I'd have to leave early to make it there by 6:30, that might be a CLM today.

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[color=red]Given it's just two folks, I'm going to [b]cancel [/b]for tonight. [/color]